The Chocolate Breakfast Reinvented: Five Ideas for a Healthier Start to the Day

Chocolate for breakfast just seems like an insane idea; but Du Chocolat has made the indulgent idea completely possible with their amazing recipes with a sugar-free, organic chocolate powder that uses only the finest cocoa from the Ivory Coast. Just check out these amazing recipes! Pancakes, Crepes and Waffles Weekend mornings are made for pancakes, […]

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Your 5 Favourite Childhood Treats Made Healthy

We all remember the days of sweet, chocolatey goodness that filled our childhoods with joy! It’s strange how even just the smell of a childhood treat can bring back a flood of memories. And while the memories of these sweets may be so good, the sugar content? Not so much. Most of us wouldn’t dream […]

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Healthy Comfort Eating for Winter Nights

For most, winter can be quite a tough season to get through. When it’s cold out, we’re always wanting to warm up with comforting food and treats – but the constant “wintertime” justifications can start to add up. Try a few of our tips for healthy comfort eating for winter nights. Homemade meals However tempting […]

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How to indulge the healthy way

We all need a little indulgence from time to time; but most of us could do without the massive amount of calories that comes with taking up those delectable indulgences. If only there was a way to enjoy something sweet and super satisfying without the guilt that comes the next day. Well friends, it’s your […]

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