Choc Maca Smoothie

Chocolate Maca Smoothie

Warmer days call for a refreshing smoothie like this chocolate maca smoothie! It’s not only simple to make, but also tastes simply amazing. With superfoods Maca and chia seeds, how can you help but not feel superb after drinking this?

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Chocolate Overnight Oats

Your oatmeal doesn’t have to be plain and boring! It can be chocolatey & nutritious just like this chocolate overnight oats recipe. It’s packed with plant-based protein that can be found in the almonds, yogurt, and milk. If you’re looking to increase the protein content, adding in protein powder will work just fine!

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Chocolate Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Feel absolutely super with this chocolate superfood smoothie bowl by the Healthy Eating Jo! It’s featuring superfoods chia seeds, maca, psyllium husk, and spirulina! Don’t worry – even though it’s mostly green, you won’t miss out on the chocolatey taste in this bowl. This nutrient-packed goodness might just be what you need for a early […]

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recovery shake

Recovery Smoothie

A tiring day at the gym merits a delicious post-workout treat like this recovery shake! It’s not only packed with protein, but also with superfood maca, oats, chia seeds, banana, and Du Choc. This is a great way to recharge after all that hard work!

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Vegan Iced Chocolate

Since warmers days are here, iced chocolates are a hot topic once again. @maybehealthy came up with a delicious and chocolatey vegan iced chocolate recipe that you will surely enjoy in this weather! It’s super easy to make, you won’t sweat a bit.

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Why Treating Yourself is Actually Good for You

In this age of fad diets, Instagram and near orthorexia (an obsession with eating only foods that one considers healthy), the guilt that comes with treating oneself seems to be getting heavier. We’re getting more and more afraid of ‘foodstagramming’ anything that contains any sugar, fat, meat, dairy, or anything that might ever or was […]

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Chocolate Crepes

Make breakfasts extra special so you’ll have the energy to face the long day ahead! These chocolate crepes are a sure way to lift up your Monday blues – who wouldn’t love some soft, chocolatey, and guilt-free treat on their plate? This could go well with your morning coffee, or a hot cup of Du […]

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Lean and Green Smoothie

If green smoothies always tasted as good as this recipe, perhaps more people would go green. It’s just so delicious and healthy; it’s even sugarfree, dairy-free, high-fat, and vegan! And although you can’t see the chocolate part anymore, we swear it’s in the somewhere. 😉

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Chocolate Banana Barley Pancakes

If you’re in need of a high fibre breakfast to give you energy, this delicious chocolate banana barley pancake recipe is the one for you. Banana, barley, and chocolate – imagine the vitamins this could give your body. On top of that, it’s sugar-free, dairy-free, and nut-free! Who thought pancakes could be this good for you? […]

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Choc Avocado Brownie Cookies with Salted Peanut Butter

Chocolate, avocado, and salted peanut butter are just some of the best things in the world. When combined into one treat, the result is a delicious guilt-free brownie cookie which is THIS recipe. It’s soft as a brownie, with just the right amount of sweetness and a tinge of saltiness – this might just be […]

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