Life can sometimes weigh us down, and between work, family, friends, more work, social media, social pressures and self-pressures, it can sometimes all get a little too much. Take time to tune into yourself with one of our great methods to find your happy, and get rid of the unnecessary stress.

  1. Unplug

Sometimes the biggest cause of our stress is sat right in our back pocket. As much as it seems that those things are our lifeline, the way we often need to rejuvenate is to unplug for a while, and have some time alone without the influence of the rest of the world. Take some time away from aimlessly scrolling through feeds, instantly answering emails, or ordering the next best thing, and just chill. If you’re looking for a longer term solution, create some “no phone zones” in your home to help you step away from the screen a little more often.

  1. Meditate

It doesn’t have to be all ooky-kooky like you think it might. You don’t even have to “turn your mind off” like some people say. Meditation is all about being present, and letting the worries go; watching the thoughts pass, and not hanging on to them or letting them become a “thing” – just watching them go by. There are all sorts of great guided meditations waiting to be found online, aimed at different things from sleep, to healing, to love.

  1. Exercise

Even if you’re feeling exhausted, sometimes all your body needs is a bit of a pick-up, and exercise is the best way to get that done. Exercising will raise your heart rate and get your blood pumping to take energy and nutrition to all of your cells and muscles, which will help you feel better. Sweating also helps to release toxins too, which might have you feeling a little uptight. Breaking a sweat and using up lots of energy can be a great release for the body and mind.

  1. Get Outside

Adventure is out there! We spend most of our lives in offices, studios, gyms, beds, cars, trains etc, etc, so for once take some time to be outside! Don’t be afraid! Just put on a good pair of shoes and head to some beautiful place you heard of once, or somewhere you always wanted to go! When you’re feeling stressed is the best time to go! There’s no fresher air than in nature, and no better time to be there than now. So go!

  1. Put on some music

Opposite to unplugging, it might help to plug in some headphones, or ramp up the volume to tune out of the world for a while. Set your phone to airplane mode if using a device to be sure you aren’t disturbed, and tune in to some great tunes. Classical or acoustic seem to be the best stress-busters, so find a playlist and let the music flow!

  1. Phone a friend

When things get tough, sometimes we just need to talk it out. Talking can be a great stress reliever if there’s a lot on your mind. If you’ve decided that you need to take some time unplugged though, get your bestie over and talk for in person – and have a hug! Hugs relieve stress too. When you hug someone, oxytocin – the love hormone – is released which can help lower blood pressure and stress levels.

  1. Find your craft

Giving your mind something else to focus on can take it away from stress. So find a craft! If you love to knit but haven’t had the time for too long, then find a hat pattern and get ready for next winter! Or maybe you love to make cards, rather than buy them – stock up, and be sure you never miss a birthday in the process. Creativity can ease pressure from the mind, and help us to feel better about ourselves as we stand back to admire our creations.

  1. Treat Yourself

Treating yourself doesn’t have to make you stressed. Most of us decide to indulge to relieve the tension, and only end up creating more as we feel so guilty about the indulgence! Feel a little lighter by choosing something you can feel good about, like a hot cup of Du Chocolat, or protein shake, or even nice cream. You can even recreate one of your favourite childhood treats to throw it back to care-free days of innocence, all in an indulgent, guilt-free bite.

What are some of your favourite ways to tune out of the world and into yourself? We’d love to know your best methods to de-stress, so be sure to pop it in the comments below, so we can all feel a little more zen!

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