Whether you find yourself tight for time, or you just prefer working out in the privacy of your own home, we’ve pulled together some of the best workouts from around the web that you can do in your front room! So get warmed up and ready to get sweaty!

Quick and Easy

When you’ve got next to no time but you want to get your whole body worked, this Blogilates workout is perfect for you! Although it’s just a few minutes long, you’ll definitely be burning! But no worries if you’re a beginner, Cassey offers some great modifications if you find yourself starting to fall behind.

But if you prefer to break a serious sweat – even in your short workouts – then this Fitness Blender workout is perfect for you. Your heart will be pumping and those calories burning away, even in just eight minutes!

Slow and Steady

For when you need to slow things down but you still want to get a good session in, this Denise Austin Yoga Metabolism Booster Workout. The vibe of this one is definitely starting to feel a little retro now, but it works. And it’s great if you’re new to Yoga practice, as Denise explains things clearly and easily, and there’s a lot of relaxing repetitive movements throughout the workout.

If you’re a little more seasoned in yoga practice, then you should definitely check out Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She has some great yoga routines for almost every situation you can think of! Right now, we’re loving her Yoga for Concentration and Mental Focus Practice, which clears the fog and helps set your head straight.

Get Your Groove On

Maybe you’re the kind of person who needs good music to get you moving – in that case the Fitness Marshall is your guy. Getting down to popular songs, it will hardly even feel like you’re working out until you look down and see the pool of sweat beneath you. We’re seriously loving the moves in this video, so be sure to check it out.

And for a longer, more traditional kind of dance workout, check out this one from POPSUGAR Fitness featuring Simone De La Rue. Simone is really great at breaking things down and keeping it simple, then building it all up to create a great workout routine.

And when you’re ready to step it up, definitely check out this routine from celeb trainer JJ Dancer. It will for sure help you channel that inner sexy and have you sweating in no time! This routine has an awesome vibe and beat which keeps you motivated the whole time, even when you feel like dropping on the floor in a sweaty heap.

Getting Serious

Get really serious about fitness now, with this routine from BeFit Extreme with Scott Herman. This guy does not mess around, and obviously takes his fitness seriously, so only embark if you’re going to finish. His slight arrogance kind of makes you feel a little intimidated, which is sometime what you need to keep you going through an at-home workout!

Likewise, Lacey Stone doesn’t fool around when it comes to working out. Her Max Cardio Challenge Workout will ramp up your heart rate and get your sweat glands working like mad. Lacey is super enthusiastic, and it’s easy to stay motivated watching her high-five her team as they go through the workout together.

And if it’s calories you’re looking to burn, then this workout is for you. The Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins has you sweating and working – and laughing – throughout this awesome workout, with modifications for beginners (or for when it’s getting a bit much), and surprise power moves popping up that will kick your butt!

Finishing it off

It’s important after you’ve worked out that you cool down and stretch properly to help reduce muscle fatigue. Your mind also has a chance to catch up with the body, and helps you to relax after an intense workout.

After challenging and pushing your muscles throughout a workout, the fibres in your muscles begin to break down. Protein is essential for the repairing and rebuilding of those fibres, and helps encourage healthy recovery and muscle growth, so a protein shake is a great idea. However, it’s important to watch your sugar intake in your shakes. We’ve compiled some Du Choc protein shakes for this post to help you hit that sweet spot while still providing your post-workout nutritional needs.

This Coconut Protein Smoothie is full of fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids thanks to the coconut, as well as banana and oats and lots of protein packed ingredients like chia seeds and almond butter.

If you fancy something a little sweeter still, this Choc Raspberry Protein Smoothie will hit the spot, with the raspberries providing lots of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

And for something a little more indulgent and creamy, this Almond Butter Banana Shake will feel more like dessert than nutrition. Almonds provide lots of antioxidants and heart-healthy magnesium.

But the best thing about all these smoothies? Totally refined sugar free! So you won’t be piling back all those calories you just worked so hard to burn!

Have you tried any of these workouts or smoothies? Which are you favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

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